England's World Cup Squad Eats Healthy and (Some) Organic

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The World Cup 2010 (in soccer) is being held in South Africa next month and the excitement, or should we say hysteria is building by the minute. A country watches with bated breath: who is going, who is injured, what the wives and girlfriends (WAGs) are wearing and now: what the team will be eating.

Today the shopping list of food that will be shipped to South Africa for the team was revealed and there is nary a sausage, meat pie or baked bean to be seen. Instead the lads will be eating organic chocolate, herbal tea and extra virgin olive oil to fuel their road to success.

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England had the reputation of having bland food, but years of immigration have introduced them to a range of international foods and cultures. So there are bottles of fiery Tabasco, Nando's Peri Peri, extra hot chilli sauces and hot Wasabi paste being packed for them.

The nutritionists say that spicy food will work as natural anti-inflammatory aids to keep bruises and swellings down. But they won't be forgetting the HP Sauce and Heinz ketchup either.

Two hundred bars of organic chocolate and 90 packs of tea bags including herbal tea, peppermint, fruit, Earl Grey and jasmine teas are also being sent.

The coach is Italian so there are 50 bottles of extra virgin olive oil on order, risotto, pine nuts and Caesar salad dressing on the list. No more Jaffa Cakes (cookies)--instead they have been replaced with apricots, seaweed sheets and pine nuts.

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Tesco is the official supplier for the team. Their nutritionist said: "Carbohydrates such as arborio risotto and sushi rice alongside high sugar foods such as jams and dried apricots are on the list as they provide fuel for the body and help maintain blood sugar levels throughout the 90 minutes on the pitch.

"Pine nuts and olive oil provide mono-unsaturated fats which help support a healthy heart and herbal teas are a great way to maintain hydration levels."

They do sell food in South Africa and some are wondering why they aren't taking advantage of the delicious and fresh foods available. To be fair, all fresh meat fruit and vegetables will be bought there. But the lads have also requested traditional English comfort foods not so readily available: crates of custard, strawberry jam, marmalade and English mustard -- plus bottles of brown sauce.

Tesco is also planning to shift 300,000 televisions as well as 800,000 England flags and 500,000 footballs in the run up to the tournament.

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