Empowering Backyard Growers to Sell Their Produce

Oooby selling and swapping homegrown food photo

Image credit: jmsinnz/Ooooby

With the dropout economy fueling food entrepreneurship, and backyard farming (and even slaughter) taking off around the world, it makes sense to develop new and innovative ways for micro-growers to get their products to market. A New Zealand start up is hoping to unite farmers, micro-farmers and gardeners, and offer their produce through one easy to use site. At first glance Ooooby looks a little like the Veggie Trader site that Jasmin reported on a little while back. But Ooooby seems to take the concept a little further. The group is already selling produce from gardeners and backyard growers at a regular farmers market stand, and it is enabling barter and swapping among grower members. Now a small proportion of the backyard produce is also making it into the group's veggie box deliveries, which also feature produce from local and organic farmers—as well as some produce, like bananas, from further away.

Of course CSAs and veggie box delivery schemes are nothing new. But it is very cool to see a group specifically working to harness the growing power of backyard farmers. The short video below gives a taste of how the group has evolved.

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