GOOD Goes Vegetarian For 30 Days

The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Go Vegetarian from on Vimeo.

It's no secret that more of us eating vegetarian diets would have a positive effect on the environment. Kelly's Weekday Vegetarian column appears regularly on TreeHugger and many of us around here adhere to some form of vegetarianism. But, as a fallen vegan I personally need a kick in the pants now and again to remind me of the virtues of vegetarianism.

Our friends over at GOOD have put their boot to my butt with their June 30-Day Challenge: Go Vegetarian.
GOOD staffers regularly take a 30-Day Challenge in "a monthly attempt to live better." Senior Editor Cord Jefferson gives an overview of what they're up to this month.

...a majority of GOOD staffers have committed to cutting down their meat consumption or giving up meat entirely for the next four weeks. Some people who were already vegetarians (myself included) will try to go vegan. The hope is that eating less meat will prompt us to think more critically about our dietary choices.

They're a few days into the challenge and we haven't heard any reports of anyone falling off the wagon, or fainting, so, so far so good.

If you want to join the party, head on over to GOOD, or follow their progress on Twitter by searching for the #30daysofGOOD hashtag.

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