domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Louisa Shafia


The last installment of domino's Green List takes a peek at the green life of health foodie Louisa Shafia. She owns a New York catering business Lucid Food, specializing in natural fare, and stocked domino's pantry with sweet, savory and a recipe for a delightful olive tapenade. She's a big fan of raw sugar: "it has a rich molasses flavor, dark and spicy, with notes of clove and nutmeg"; sweet syrup: "the agave plant's nectar is a wonderful sugar substitute. Plus, it's absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly, so there's no sugar crash"; and fresh almonds: "I puree them with olive oil and a little salt to make almond butter and slather it on apple slices to satisfy a sugar craving." She also uses seaweed sheets for lots of non-sushi related things ("You can roll up almost anything in seaweed"), likes a dash of hemp ("Think of hemp seeds as nuts. They're superhigh in protein and give flavor and crunch to salads.") and the sweetness of wild honey ("Because it balances the acidity of vinegar, honey is wonderful for sweetening a salad dressing.") Her recipe for olive tapenade also sounds delicious; hit for more details and flip your magazine to page 64 for the full details. ::domino's Green List: Louisa Shafia's Green Life

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