domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Food


As TreeHugger has noted time and again, it would be far preferable if we could all saunter out our front doors, head down the street and pick up delicious, fresh, local organic food from a farmer's market or local co-op each day or each week; unfortunately, we all can't do that, an idea not lost on domino's Green List selections for food. We worked to find flavorful solutions for going organic that everyone (or nearly everyone) can choose; sources like organic produce from Diamond Organics, meat from Niman Ranch and Horizon's butter. To drink, we focused on beverages you can get just about anywhere, like Stonyfield milk, Peace Coffee's java, Mighty Leaf tea, Square One organic vodka and vino from the Organic Wine Company. Bread, especially the organic variety, is best enjoyed when its fresh from the oven, so we came up with a list of local bakeries that are favorites in their cities (and recommend you do the same). We know the best thing to do is shop from your local farmers market or other local foodshed supply; when you can't do that, we think these are pretty good options. There's more at and pages 62-63 of the print mag. Only one more day to go; tomorrow, a look at a New York caterer keeping things green. ::domino's Green List: Food

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