Elements Natural Baby Wipes Are Natural, Biodegradable, But Do They Work?

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As any parent worth his BabyBjörn knows, poop happens, and with flagrant disregard for place, time of day, or personal dignity. To help moms and dads bid a quick too-da-loo to doo-doo, fledgling company Elements Naturals has a new brand of baby wipe made from Ingeo, a corn-based fiber that has garnered both yays and nays on TreeHugger.

Bereft of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives, the wipes comprise only plant-based ingredients, including certified-organic aloe for softer, rash-free tushes. Another plus: The wipes are compostable, albeit under industrial conditions, but even if landfilled they're said to biodegrade in 180 days. Number one on the list for diaper slingers, however, is the question of whether they get the job done, particularly when it involves number two. Well, yes and no. Generously sized and softer than a baby's you know, Elements Natural's wipes are soapier than Seventh Generation's, an attribute my husband found disconcerting but I didn't mind. (They made great cleaning wipes in a pinch when out and about.)

At $5.99 for an 80-count package on Diapers.com, they're a tad pricier than Seventh Generation's same-size refill pack ($4.49). But while Elements Naturals' wipes tackled even the most impressive displays of bowel emanations with aplomb, it was nearly impossible to get them to dispense properly, whether from a wipe box or straight from the package, which poses a problem when you have a more-than-one-square affair on your hands. (Elements says it's working on the problem, however.)

Now if only someone would invent a self-cleaning diaper; that's an idea I could really—sorry, I can't resist—get behind.

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