Election Over - With Rats Dancing On The Compost Heap - What Recourse?

bunny photo.JPG

The rats have been stealing Bunny's food pellets. All photos: John Laumer

The candidate I actively supported in the Pennsylvania State house race lost 2 to 1. Democrats were either too busy tweeting or they were so absorbed with dreaming about a cool EV they couldn't bother to vote. Pragmatism was not what this race was about.

Rats are in the open compost heap again, chowing down on the remnants of Halloween and my climate-changed, Chinese Stink Bug-infested garden. And eating Bunny's food pellets to boot. No rat poison this time, though. I learned after the previous fall's election that rats would drag out the empty poison envelopes and either the dog would get them or the neighbor would see the yellow POISON label and give a dirty look. Something more gratifying and instantaneous was needed.Blog wisdom is that I'm not to use an open compost heap if I want to keep the rats away ... and that I better chop my waste vegetables into little greenie blessed bits and bury the shredded remains ritualistically. But there's no time left for that. Geologic time, which once shared a scale with climate change, has morphed into political time.


My open compost heap, with bared skeleton of jack-o-lantern showing.

Forget the chemicals. I went out and bought one of those electric rat shockers. The packaging read 'not intended for outdoor use' -- probably so people don't complain so about squirrels and pet cats getting a dose of Tesla's magic.

In went the batteries and the peanut butter globs.

Rain was predicted--one of those cold misty, windless rains of fall that last for days--so I stuffed the shocker into a plastic bag, wedging it under the wood pile in its petrochemical film cocoon.


Juiced up rat shocker, baited and rat ready.

Backyard pragmatism offered shelter from the political theater. Guess I'll stay with it.

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