Ekoladan in Stockholm: Organic Greens To Your Door

Tech-savvy Stockholm residents can streamline their weekly shopping routine and save time by subscribing to their organic fruits and veggies online. The company Ekoladan (The Organic Box) provides this subscription service. Set up your account online to receive home delivery of organic fruits and veggies either weekly or every other week. Customers can choose from small or large veggie box, fruit box, mixed box or basics box. Prices range from 180-225 SEK ($24-30) which includes sales tax and delivery. Box contents change from week to week to keep things exciting. Check the website for a sneak peak at the contents of next week’s boxes. In addition to fresh, seasonals other organic household basics can be added to individual orders such as bread, honey, eggs, rice, pasta, etc.

For those who live outside of Stockholm but are interested in subscribing to the boxes the company will make deliveries if at least 10 households order together. Not that you need it, but this gives you with an excellent excuse to find new eco-buddies in your city.

Ekoladan is run by the 30-year old wholesaler of organic and biodynamic products Biodynamiska Produkter i Järna (Biodynamic Products in Jarna). Run as a non-profit, the company reinvests annual profits to support research, educational programs and other projects in the realm of organic and biodynamic farming.