Eight Exotically Green Sushi Options (Slideshow)

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Image courtesy of Bloggyboulga via Flickr

With overfishing and increased mercury levels, it seems like no fish is safe fish these days. For these reasons, I barely indulge myself in my favorite of all ocean-borne culinary delights: the sushi bar. I usually feel OK about this since the greenest option of all is to skip the fish and its hefty carbon footprint.

But—for those rare occasions when I do find myself caving into a sushi craving (I admit, I'm guilty) or under the sway of a friend who wants to meet over sake, there are some lesser-known eco-options in addition to my go-to veggie rolls. They're all listed under The Seafood WATCH's sushi guide's "Best Choices" column--meaning that the fish are a bit more abundant than their threatened counterparts and caught or farmed in eco-friendlier ways. Check them out here!

Eight Exotically Green Sushi Options

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