EGG, the Ethylene Gas Guardian


No idea if this really works, but sounds intriguing nevertheless. Fruit and veg emit ethylene gas as they ripen, we’re told. And when too much ethylene gets trapped inside a well sealed fridge it can speed up the aging and rotting of garden produce. In short, veggies lose their crispness prematurely. The E.G.G. (Ethylene Gas Guardian) is an egg shaped container holding a sachet of potassium permanganate bonded to zeolite. Apparently the potassium permanganate absorbs the ethylene gas, and the zeolite has such a huge surface area it can hold enough of the oxidiser to be effective for 3 months, extending the storage time of fruit and veg. You then place another sachet inside the vented egg (it allows sufficient air to circulate), while the spent zeolite, being derived from natural volcanic ash, can simply be tipped onto your garden. Available in the UK from ::TheOLife, and in the US through ::WayChem.