Egg Maps and Green Routes Create Vegetable Tourism in the Incredible Edible Town Todmorden

Todmorden Egg Map© Incredible Edible Todmorden

The Incredible Edible town called Todmorden in the north of England is a model for sustainable living based on the local food movement. Christine posted about Edible Incredible before but I would like to tell you about their Egg Map, as well as their Green Route Map which promotes Vegetable Tourism!

This week at Glassnature, a creative un-conference organised by oh!BCN in Barcelona, Incredible Edible’s co-founder Pam Warhurst gave an inspiring talk about why it is important to connect the dots between community, learning and business, and why we should all live and work in an edible landscape. What started of as propaganda gardening, lead to other campaigns such as the Todmorden Egg Map, a fairly simple yet effective way to promote local food and businesses, because as Pam says: “every egg matters” and “it is all very eggciting”, plus, she gives eggcellent advice here.

Todmorden Green Route Map© Incredible Edible Todmorden

With Todmorden’s popularity its business increased and the town started to attract tourists eager to see the blooming local food movement. Pam explained that, in order to make Vegertable Tourism an attractive option all year round, design students from Goldsmiths College in London offered to create the Todmorden Green Route Map. That way you are sure not to miss the Bee Store, the Bug Hotel or the Waggle Dance Garden!

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