Edible Landscaping: Mail-Order Useful Perennials

Chinquapin is a small native chestnut bush photo
Fantastic Resource for Unusual Edible Perennials
While it might not get as many hits as posts on scantily clad doom mongers, or sexy sustainable sports cars, permaculture still crops up regularly on the pages of TreeHugger. Basically a design system that models itself on nature, permaculture gardening draws heavily from traditional agricultural methods, and lays a strong emphasis on edible perennials and native plants. From the design services of North Carolina-based Bountiful Backyards, to a short movie about greening the desert, we have tried to cover stories and products that appeal to the permaculturally minded. However, as a permaculture enthusiast myself, I still find it hard to get hold of the kind of diversity of useful plants you need if you’re designing low-input edible gardens – or I did until I discovered Edible Landscaping.
Based in Afton, Virgina, Edible Landscaping is a nursery specializing in productive, disease resistant, edible perennials. Their catalogue is full to the brim with fascinating plants – from the usual grapes, figs, strawberries and raspberries through to kiwis, juneberries, elderberries, edible dogwoods, and something called a chinquapin – a native, shade-tolerant chestnut bush (this one has made my wish list!). The full list of plants is way too long to mention, but suffice to say fruit and nut enthusiasts will find them a great resource. The printed catalogue is well worth getting hold of as it includes a great deal of information on hardiness, climate zones, and shade tolerance – more than is currently available on the company’s website. And from my first experience of ordering from Edible Landscaping, I can hightly recommend them – all plants arrived promptly in excellent condition with full planting and care instructions. Now I’m just planning my next order…

Edible Landscaping
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