Edible Insect Food Truck Serves Prehispanic Bug-Based Cuisine (Video)

edible-insect-taco-truck-photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Christine already asked whether eating insects is the best way to reduce our foodprint, and even the UN Food and Agriculture Organization suggests that bugs may be the most sustainable form of meat.

But, as the cicada ice cream debacle shows, unfamiliarity and squeamishness are big barriers for any mass adoption of bug-based animal proteins in the American diet.

Mónica Martínez thinks that this has got to change. And that's why she's launched Don Bugito, a food truck serving pre-hispanic cuisine that relies heavily on bugs, as well as Wurmhaus, a concept for home mealworm cultivation.

Fair Companies—the same guys who brought us video of a 16 year old who built his own tiny house, and a medieval Spanish ghost town turned ecovillage—paid Monica a visit at the San Francisco food truck festival. And, in San Francisco at least, it looks like she may be getting a warmer reception than she might have expected.

Edible Insect Food Truck Serves Prehispanic Bug-Based Cuisine (Video)
Think Americans won't eat bugs? Think again. One San Francisco food truck is pioneering bug-based pre-hispanic cuisine.

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