Edible Crayons Made From Health Foods Make Eating Bee Pollen Fun

luxirare edible crayons photo box

What kid didn't try to eat their crayons? Designboom introduces us to Luxirare, an extraordinary website where the proprietor develops and presents a collection of rare and beautiful things, like these crazy crayons made of healthy ingredients.

luxirare edible crayons photo drawing

Eating bee pollen and prunes was never so much fun. And they draw, too. Some commenters on Gizmodo have suggested that this is not a good idea, that it encourages children to eat things that they shouldn't; One could also take the position that everything we bring into our homes should be made from healthy, non-toxic and even edible materials.

luxirare edible crayons photo materials

Not all of the ingredients are health foods, "fruity pebbles" are sometimes used for colour and marshmallows hold them all together.

luxirare edible crayons photo ingredients

But a wonderful experiment, beautifully presented at Luxirare.