Ecover First Company to use Responsible Print Program for their Watercare Info Leaflet

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Brighton based print management company Four Corners has created a free reporting service for print buyers which highlights environmental benefits for print jobs. This service, called Responsible Print, is being used for the first time by Ecover, with whom Leonora just spent the day perusing the Ecover Eco-Factory.

Ecover have formed a 3 year partnership with Water Aid to provide sustainable access to safe water for communities in rural Ethiopia. The partnership will be featured on-pack, giving consumers the chance to order a free Watercare pack, which will include a leaflet informing them about the partnership and encouraging them to use water wisely at home in the face of worldwide shortages. This leaflet will feature the unique Responsible Print tracking service which records the entire lifecycle of a printed item — from paper source and print process to delivery and use.
Lena Johansson of Four Corners Print says:

"The Responsible Print scheme focuses primarily on environmental benefits achieved by print buyers and brands making a positive choice and producing marketing material in a sustainable way. Often print buyers who opt for FSC paper or insist on vegetable based inks think they have done enough, but Responsible Print looks at the bigger picture and takes the whole supply chain into account. This is particularly relevant to ethical and environmental organisations who wish to promote their products and services without harming the environment, in line with their ethical commitments." says Lena Johansson of Four Corners Print. We are especially proud that Ecover supports our new initiative with such a high profile publication."

What Does the Responsible Print Logo Mean?
The Responsible Print logo ensures that certain minimum requirements are met with regard to the product's labeling, such as:

•paper must contain at least 50% recycled fibre content
•papers with virgin fibre content must have FSC or PEFC certification
•all process inks used are vegetable oil based
•any gloss, semitone or matt laminates used must be biodegradable and home compostable
•the entire life cycle of the printed item has undergone carbon footprint analysis and a payment has been made to offset the associated CO2 emissions
•every quote and invoice carry details of the CO2 emissions associated with the project, giving you unparalleled accountability and ability to assess the impact of your print

What information do they provide?
When you take a look at the actual report (instructions below on how to view) they tell you that for the Ecover Water Aid Brochures 2.93 tonnes of material was diverted from landfill, and 68 trees, 93760 litres of water and 5.908 tonnes of CO2 were saved. It's pretty interesting stuff.

Adding this information about the printing process for products is a great step towards bringing more life cycle thinking into the market. It will help consumers become more aware of what the products they buy are doing for the environment at all levels, including printing. Remember when you see this that it means that the life cycle of the printing process has been taken into consideration. This is unique to commercial printing. Who will be the next company to get the Responsible Print logo?

To see the Ecover/Water Aid environmental report simply, click on the Four Corners Print website or the Responsible Print website and input the code GDA570382.

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