Ecocity Farm: Yet Another Take on Local Food


Wanna feed 300 families? The developers of the Ecocity Farm reckon all you need is a standard urban house block. They’ve come up with a commercial aquaponic system that effectively recycles its own water and waste, while being space efficient due to it’s vertical stackable design. Barramundi fish are harvested alongside vegetables. Waste from the fish is reduced, via a biodigester, to water soluble feedstock for the hydroponically grown plants. Plans are even afoot to prototype a process that converts human food scraps into fish meal. According to the designers the concept can produce 12 times the quantity of food from conventional farming. And the idea is develop the system to a complete all-in-one, out-of-the-box unit that can be franchised worldwide. Traditional farmland is preserved as the package can be used in urban blocks or even on building rooftops. Farmers will then be able to service their customers with minimal transport and energy costs. (The water for the Barramundi is warmed by a roof mounted solar water heater and power for the pumps, etc, comes from grid-connected photovoltaic panels.) And it seems people love the idea. After winning their episode of The New Inventors program the developers have been inundated with enquiries. Much more info at ::Ecocity Farm.PS. We were taken with their site's stats that American food travels about 2000 km (1200 miles) from farm gate to plate. And how the contents of a European breaky have travelled the equivalent of once around the globe.