Eco Wine Review: Wrath 2010 Ex Anima Chardonnay

Wrath's 2010 Ex Anima Chardonnay is billowing with so much tropical fruit that you half expect Kokomo to start playing on the jukebox the second you uncork it. I swear this wine was a Piña Colada in its past life. But don't worry, this Chard isn't heavy handed or anything of the sort. Wrath treats these estate old-vines with the respect they deserve. And at $23, this wine is a steal. But you'll want to drink this wine within two years of purchasing it.

So if you're tired of covering up cheap champagne with orange juice for your Sunday brunch, enjoy a bottle (or two) of this instead. I suggest a frittata with orange bell peppers, rosemary and brie. Top it with some arugula and pine nuts and you are set.

Wrath is SIP certified like a few of the other wineries we have interviewed, such as Halter Ranch and Ancient Peaks. In fact, one of SIP's founders--Steve McIntyre--is actually Wrath's viticultural consultant. Stay tuned for our feature on Wrath in the coming months.

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