Eco Wine Review: Hahn SLH Estate 2010 Chef's Table Viognier

Hahn SLH Estate's 2010 Chef's Table Viognier is one of the most interesting whites you'll ever smell. It's completely intoxicating with notes of white peach, banana, honeydew and jasmine. While the flavor isn't as complex as the aromas, it more than holds its ground. Pear, grapefruit and a decent acidity make this white very drinkable. Very drinkable! So much that I was surprised by its $30 price tag. You can age this wine for up to 2 years.

Viognier always pairs nicely with spicy food like Thai but save this one for a special occasion! They only made 100 cases so if you are looking for that perfect white wine for a special event, look no further.

Hahn Estate is SIP certified using a variety of sustainable practices to bring you tasty, tasty wine. Chemicals are avoided and such things as cover crops are used for soil management, while lady bugs and lace wings are used to control pests. Hahn believes being green also involves the people who work the farm. All farm workers are provided with fair wages and full benefits.

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