Eco Scoopers Aids the Dog Poop Problem

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Who knew that poop scooping was big business? Well, not big business like Coca-Cola or tampons or power production, but big business as in there's a poop scoop business in most large towns. That's because pet waste is such a serious threat to fresh water supplies, and pet owners can't be counted on to pick up and properly dispose (hint: flushing is best) the poop. My best friend pays his young son to pick up poop - we tried that trick only to have our sons empty our wallets by picking up LOTS of other dogs' leavings, too.According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 25% of the bacteria in waterways is from pet waste. That's a huge problem. Dog feces can wash into water supplies and also are implicated in beach closures.

If you have lots of poop, Eco Scoopers may be the thing for you. For about $15 per week, owner Shawn Halligan will come by and scoop (actually rake) all the poop from your yard. Located in Kansas City, Halligan's Eco Scoopers is actually positive green job creation that other budding entrepreneurs (like my son) might replicate.

Municipalities spend a lot of resources picking up pet poop, but they do so in regular garbage bags and dump the bags in the regular trash. Most poop scooper businesses do the same. Eco Scoopers is trying to lessen the poop problem by collecting waste in biodegradable bags. And Eco Scoopers Shawn Halligan is currently working on a system to decompose the pet waste in worm compost.

Some cities are attempting poop-to-power projects, and that might be a better way to truly turn the feces (bad pun alert) into a powerful resource. Until then, Halligan's service is stepping in the right direction.

In the meantime, for your own poop issues, Flushadoo is a biodegradable and also flushable poop bag. Or you can try composting your pet poop.

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