Eco-Guilt The New Plague Among Enlightened Parents

Here's the first clue that you are a stressed-out eco-mom or eco-dad: you secretly find yourself spending an entire weekend trying to clear your kiddies' rooms of all the cheap plastic toys and gadgetry, only to find that a few weeks later a lot of it has crept back in. Or you carefully shop for one hundred percent organic and find yourself cringing when your children stuff themselves with conventional junk food they minute they hit the houses of some (eco-uninitiated) friends. Welcome to the new world of eco-guilt - it's like proverbial Jewish mom guilt magnified a thousand times. Every choice, from diapers to dishwashing, can leave parents with the stress of finding the greenest choice and the guilt of not going far enough with environmental efforts to keep your loved ones safe.

Don't despair, though. To wallow in the feeling with fellow guilt-ridden parents, there's the EcoMom Alliance; to get over the guilt there's Linda Buzzell's Eco-Therapy news. The best antidote to eco-guilt, is, of course, taking action. And while eco-moms have heretofore been mostly concerned with finding the best green choices (TreeHugger's "How To" Guides are a super resource in that quest), the "mom demographic" may become more politically active in future in response to lackluster government action. Via ::TheInternationalHeraldTribune

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