Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for Kids


Pint-size (or petite-adult) yogis and yoginis can now tote around yoga mats scaled down to their vertically challenged measurements.

The thick and foamy—and, more important, PVC-free and non-toxic—mats from Lotuspad are made from a new patented material known as thermoplastic elastomer, which has "no toxic off-gassing and does not release heavy metals and other dangerous pollutants into the environment during the manufacturing and disposal phases," according to the Lotuspad Web site.The Lotuspad will break down over time into water and carbon dioxide, although not, the Cambridge, Mass.-based company says, before providing years of good use.

It comes in two sizes: 24x48 inches (in your choice or green or pink) and 24x66 inches (in blue). You can also purchase an attractive, matching carry strap handmade in the USA, which we favor over a traditional yoga-mat bag because it uses far less materials. One drawback: it's made from polyester grosgrain ribbon and not a more-sustainable textile like hemp, which should prove just as sturdy. ::Lotuspad

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