Eco-friendly 'super food truck' first on the East Coast

yumbii food truck
© Yumbii

Yumbii, one of Atlanta's first food trucks, just added an eco-friendly food truck to its fleet.

The customized "Super Food Truck" was built in Los Angeles and runs on diesel fuel and is clean-idle certified. Best yet, the low-emissions food truck converts exhaust into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor, according to the company, reducing its environmental impact as it goes from event to event. Its fuel-efficient engine meets EPA 2010 and California Air Resources Board HD-OBD emissions standards. The eco-friendly food truck is the first one with these features on the East Coast.

You won't have to worry about pollution while you enjoy your street food.

Founded in 2010, Yumbii offers street food that fuses Asian and Mexican flavors, including panko-crusted fish tacos, Asian rib-eye Philly’s and spicy pulled pork sliders. The super food truck, the third food truck in the fleet, will hit the streets just in time for summer.

The addition of more eco-friendly trucks adds to the conversation of whether food trucks are greener than restaurants and how we can make this outdoor activity a more sustainable one.

Eco-friendly 'super food truck' first on the East Coast
Yumbii, an Atlanta-based food truck, adds a low emissions super food truck to its fleet. Check out its environmentally friendly features.

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