Eco-chic: Greenwashing from the Liquor Store

In Ontario Canada, we go to the beer store, owned by the brewers and operated cooperatively, or the liquor store, owned by the Government. One would think that a government would push recycling and the private company would pay lip service to it, but in fact the Brewers run one of the best recycling systems in the world, re-using 98% of the bottles up to 25 times, and have been at it since 1927. The Government, or Liquor Control Board (LCBO) refuses to do recycling. They won't even take back beer bottles. Instead, they start an egregious greenwashing campaign with Eco-Chic- a brochure (on recycled paper) promoting Tetra Pak wine, PET liquor bottles and, yes, aluminum cans. They actually have an "enviro-tip"- "pre-mixed drinks require less over-all packaging" which is just not true: The Mott's Clamato shown has 1.5 ounces of vodka, so it would take 22 cans of motts to get as much vodka as a single 35 ounce bottle. We would boycott them if they were not a monopoly and we were not so angry that we needed a drink. ::LCBO