Eco-chefs Gather at VII International Summit of Gastronomy

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Eco this, eco that, now we also have eco-chefs! They are those professional cooks that have their own vegetable garden, prepare seasonal dishes from local produce and are possibly into slow food. At Madrid Fusion 09, the VII international summit of gastronomy held in Spain next week, quite a few of these eco-chefs gather to join this year’s show of science and cuisine. Here the kitchen prepares business models for times of crisis and offers environmental cuisine. It’s time for a change, even in the kitchen- after luxury and exquisites come informal gastronomy and eco-consciousness.Spain’s most famous eco-chef is probably Rodrigo de la Calle who, at Madrid Fusion 09, will prepare dishes with the produce from his vegetable garden. He describes his work as gastrobotanical, or, as gastronomy associated with the delicacy of the vegetable kingdom. De la Calle works with the biologist Santiago Orts and together they dish out Australian fingers lime, icy herbs, algae and desert shoots.

Despite the pressing demand for sustainable living, most professionals of high cuisine are still sceptical towards ecological food production. And then there are of course also green-washing chefs who embrace the new movement purely for self-promotion. However, let’s enjoy the wonderful creations of true eco-chefs like Jamie Oliver in the UK or Dan Barber of the New York Blue Hill restaurant and barn, who know how to create exotic tastes all year round with local produce. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the yummy recipes at Planet Green!

Madrid Fusion is held in Madrid, 19-22 January 2009. Via ::El País ::Madrid Fusion
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