Eco Chef iPhone App for 10-Minute Raw Organic "Junk" Food (Video)

eco chef app image

Image via EcoChef

When we think of raw organic foods, we usually thing of highly healthful meals. But chef Bryan Au has a new iPhone app that shows how to make favorite "junk" foods in under 10 minutes. From pizza to lasagna, from burgers to desserts, raw organic is suddenly an easy way to make things other than salads and dips. Well, things that at least seem like meals other than salads and dips. The $1.99 Eco Chef App has over 100 recipes and works hard to make raw organic an appealing option for more people. The recipes each take under 10 minutes to make, can be displayed in step-by-step instructions or by instructional videos, and users can get quick answers from Bryan Au himself through a live chat feature. Kinda cool to be that connected to the chef whose recipe you're following. Plus, some of the recipes pictured on Au's website look seriously tasty.

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