Eating Local Food: The Movement, Locavores and More

Where does local food come from?
First of all, though, local food comes from local food systems, which exist as an alternative to industrial food systems. The local systems replace the scale and volume common in industrial systems with control and relationships; when you buy local food, not only do you know where it came from, you're often buying it from the person or people who grew the food, a locavore plus.

So, "local" can refer to a fairly specific area -- whether it's 100 miles or 150 miles -- but one farm may define the area as anywhere within a day's drive, since that's where they can easily and efficiently move their products. But local is more than just miles.

The ecology of local food
The concept is also defined in terms of ecology, where food production is considered from the perspective of a basic ecological unit defined by its climate, soil, watershed, species and local agrisystems; everything together is defined as as "ecoregion" or "foodshed."

Now that we have some of the definitions out of the way, learn more about finding and buying local food

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