Eating Local Food: The Movement, Locavores and More

eat local food green basics photo

Image credit: Shannon Wheeler for Ecotrust's A Tale of Two Tomatoes/SectionZ

The local food movement, eating local, being on the "100 mile diet" or being a locavore are all synonymous with local food, whose consumption has risen to prominence as an important part of the larger green movement. Taking the baton from organic food as a poster child for sustainable agriculture, local food integrates production, processing, distribution and consumption on a small scale, creating sustainable local economies and a strong connection between farm and table.

The benefits of eating local food
Local food has myriad environmental benefits -- we've mentioned just a few in connection with having a green Earth Day -- as well as the social, economical and agricultural benefits of supporting small family farms. But there are many facets to the simple-sounding lifestyle choice.Keep reading to learn more about where local food comes from.

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