Eat Well Guide Shares High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement

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Our friends at Eat Well Guide have just published their first book, Cultivating the Web: High Tech Tools for the Sustainable Food Movement. Weighing in at an efficient 39 pages the book highlights the power of the internet to spread the word on food and agriculture issues people care about, but traditional media ignores.

"Although it may seem the most unlikely of catalysts, digital technology is jogging our memories of real food and agrarian culture. We may be going back to the land, but lots of us are bringing our smart phones and laptops along., " says Eat Well Guide director Destin Layne. Along with highlighting Eat Well Guide's own successful web tools (including web favorites The Meatrix, the Eat Well Guide itself, and Eat Well Everywhere) the authors show how various other web tools have furthered the cause of a more localized and transparent food system.
Highlights include the consumer pressure forcing Starbucks to commit to serving only rBGH-free milk, the efforts of concerned mother Cheyenne Glasgow who used her Flickr account to document the poor quality of food served in Portland's free public school breakfast program, and Food & Water Watch's "Take Back the Tap" viral video contest. TreeHugger is pleased to be cited for our role in helping Fritz Haeg find a home for his Edible Estates #2 art exhibit spotlighting the wastefulness of the front lawn.

Along with all that the book includes resource for consumers for farmers, a list of green food blogs and a glossary of web terms for the newbie. We're overjoyed to see Eat Well Guide's growth from a seedling as a search engine for sustainably raised meat to a mature fruit bearing tree eager to share it's bounty.

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