Eat the Season Every Week


Eat the Seasons is a website dedicated to encouraging people to connect back to nature by eating local and seasonal food. Each week it focuses on a different fruit or vegetable which is in season at that time. The foods come from the U.K. or Europe and include fish and game which is wild, not farmed. Eating seasonal food saves energy, in growing and transport. It supports the local economy of the growers and their employees. So many people live in urban areas now; it helps in understanding the rhythm of the growing season. And most importantly, local produce tastes fresher and better and is more nutritious. The weekly seasonal food may also include imports that cannot be grown locally or in Europe. In this case they are chosen to support the economy of developing countries.

For example, this week Windward bananas are being featured. You can read about their history (bananas were first grown in China in 200 AD), biology and nutritional values. There are tips on buying, storing and preparing them, as well as some trivia ( did you know that you can ripen an avocado by putting it in a closed container with a banana?). The recipes include yummy toffee fudge bananas and a bread pudding from Jamie Oliver. :: Eat the Seasons:: via Green Guy