Eat Green in Buenos Aires


Naturist and macrobiotic restaurants are quietly spreading around Buenos Aires, and with the spring about to come, these places are a great alternative to have a light meal in a quiet environment. If you wanted to visit the city, this would be definitely the best time. So though holidays are almost over in the northern hemisphere, for those lucky ones that can get here, here's a guide with new and traditional restaurants to eat green out.In the bohemian chic San Telmo neighborhood -for example- is Abuela Pan, an eight-year-old restaurant that claims to make all its meals with certified organic soy, integral flour, no additives, no canned ingredients, neither chemical preservatives. They prepare everything with a technique called "Niyuke": with vapor or in the oven, but nothing's fried (Bolivar 707, Tel. 4361-4936).
San Telmo is also home to Flor de Lino, a veggie bar whose specialties are seitan (wheat gluten) seasoned with burgol (also a kind of wheat) and black pepper vegetables. This one has a plus for those eager to experience the "tango experience": they have lessons every Sunday at 9pm (Pasaje San Lorenzo 356, Tel: 4362-0128).
In the so-called Palermo Hollywood neighborhood (because lots of TV commercials production companies are located there), you can get to Bio for a menu full of vegetables, legumes and fruits. Their specialties are vegetables and rice chop-suey, vegetables tart with green salads, and carrots & ginger juice. The place is a little expensive for locals, but with a one dollar three pesos exchange rate you'll be fine, and the area is really nice (Humboldt 2199, Tel: 4774-3880).
Also in Palermo, but going a bit downtown is La Esquina de las Flores. Their "philosophical precepts for production and marketing" are to elaborate products without refining or genetic treatment; to produce food without any chemicals; to spread and teach this philosophy; and -very importantly- to have accessible prices. They have organic certification for their ingredients and cultives, which can be bought in the same restaurant (Gurruchaga 1630, Tel: 4832-8528/4224-5000).
In the surroundings of the Botanical Garden, at downtown-Palermo as well, is Senutre, a naturist delivery that sells meals with day-fresh vegetables cooked through Nituke, marine salt, spices and integral flour. They don't sell fried or food with preservatives (República Arabe Siria 3090, Tel.: 4800-1300).
Colegiales neighborhood (right next to Palermo) holds a place called La Casa de Oshawa a restaurant that serves Tofu, mijo (kind of cereal), gomasio (sesame salt), varied seaweed, and fruits juices and desserts. The place is also an organic shop (Ciudad de la Paz 421, Tel.: 4553-9330).
In the middle of a bizarre but fun neighborhood called Once (eleven) -where the retail fabrics' shops mix up with small smoky streets- is Los Sabios. A Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant in appearance, this place offers vegetables tarts, soy products and salads. Their specialties are soy stew, integral flour and squash tart, and green seaweed salad (Corrientes Av 3733, Tel: 4864-4407).
Finally, at the high society Recoleta area there's Clara Aurora (Ecuador 1171, Tel: 4966-1900), which specializes in Yamani rice and burgol snacks, both with fresh vegetables. They also have delivery at meal times.
Via La Nacion newspaper Restaurant Guide and Oleo Guide.