Eat Gelato, Fight Climate Change


Photo credit: piperita

You heard us right: Inmates from a prison just outside of Milan will help Italy lick climate change by churning up gelato made from local milk and fruit, slashing food miles and cutting carbon emissions.

Starting in February, a group of inmates from a high-security wing of the prison in Opera will launch their in-house production. "We will make an experimental, artisan product, using fresh local raw materials which are not genetically modified," Marco Molinelli and Roberto Saini of Jobinside, the company that is running the project, were quoted by Coldiretti, an Italian farmers' group, as saying.

In a nation that spends more than 5 billion euros (US$7.13 billion) a year on over 600 flavors of ice cream, Italian eco-worriers can put their money where their mouths are in the most delectable fashion. ::Reuters

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