Eat A Camel, Save Australia's Environment

camel sydney zoo photo

It may be at the Sydney Zoo at not the Outback where feral camel populations are a problem, but it's a great camel photo nonetheless. Photo: Michelle

First Australians were urged to start eating one of the country's iconic animals, the kangaroo. Now Australian research institution Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre is telling people that they should also start eating camels to preserve the nation's environment. The rationale is different than with kangaroos, however:Camel Populations Damaging Australian Deserts
The argument in favor of tucking into a roo was that the methane emissions from kangaroos' digestion are negligible compared to those of cows and sheep.

With the camel--which with the largest wild herd of camels on the planet, more than 1,000,000, Australia has in spades--the issue is that the population has gotten out of control and they are damaging desert ecosystems. This recommendation comes after a three year study by Desert Knowledge.

"It's a Bit Like Beef"
One of the report's authors, Prof. Murray McGregor told reporters that camel is a "beautiful meat. It's a bit like beef. It's as lean as lean; it's an excellent health food".

So, how did all those camels make it to Australia? After serving their duty as pack animals in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when rail and road travel became more widespread, they were released into the wild.

via: AFP/Yahoo News
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