The easiest way to deseed a pomegranate

how to deseed a pomegranate photoGrowing Your Greens/Video screen capture

I sometimes get the impression that pomegranates are more Christmas decoration than they are food. Beautiful though they are, I wonder how many people will actually use those pomegranates that have been sitting in their fruit bowls over the holiday season. After all, their kind of a pain in the neck to de-seed, right?

Not so, says John of Growing Your Greens, who brought us these excellent episodes on suburban permaculture in San Francisco; the joys of subsurface pressurized irrigation
; and the most important square foot gardening tool you'll ever own.

The smarter ones among you can probably figure out all you need to know from the screen grab above. But the video is still worth watching if you've ever wondered where pomegranates come from, why they are so good for you, or how to grow them.

The easiest way to deseed a pomegranate
Don't let that beautiful arrangement of pomegranates go to waste. Their easier to de-seed than you might think.

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