Dutch Scientists Growing Meat in the Lab

Our stomach churned a bit while we wrote this post, but there is some logic to it. Dutch researchers are trying to grow pork in petri dishes and give new meaning to the phrase Mystery Meat. "We're trying to make meat without having to kill animals," Bernard Roelen, a veterinary science professor at Utrecht University, said in an interview. After all, if you eliminate animal feed, transport, land use and methane, (not to mention inhumane treatment) is it a problem? Is it really meat?

"Keeping animals just to eat them is in fact not so good for the environment," said Roelen. "Animals need to grow, and animals produce many things that you do not eat."

Roelen suggests that the meat we eat now is extensively processed and that it isn't that far of a stretch. "I can imagine that some people will have problems with it," he said. "People might think it is artificial. But some people might not realize that some part of the meat they eat is artificial." McNuggets anyone? ::Reuters