Dumpster Diving to Feed Your Kids

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She may not have experienced the humiliation of a police helicopter busting her for dumpster diving, but Corbyn Hanson Hightower knows a thing or two about judgment. Featured in a post by Blythe about feeding your kids from trash rather than food stamps, Hanson hightower's own post about how she stopped worrying and learned to love the dumpster is enlightening. And it's enlightening not just because we learn about the nutritious food to be found in the dumpster, but we also hear about the stigma faced by folks on food stamps who choose to buy organic:

I've talked to so many moms who've suffered reproving looks or even disparaging comments when they're buying organic, high-quality food using a food stamp card. The judgment being made is this: how dare you opt for quality over quantity? How dare you want better food even if it means less food for your family?

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