Dumpster Diving Documentary on the Joy of Free Food (Video)

Dumpster Diver Finds Holy Grail
Usually when someone at TreeHugger writes about dumpster diving, or 'skipping' as it is known in the UK, the responses range from extremely supportive, to those who find it disgusting - and perhaps worry about the image it portrays of environmentalism. But with billions of dollars worth of food being wasted each year, much of it needlessly, it seems obvious to me that dumpster divers are doing us all a favor. This short documentary (found via the links at Ready, Steady, Skip!) reveals a little about the life of a dumpster diver, and it also tells us what can be considered the 'holy grail' of free food.Well, OK, beer doesn't technically count as food - unless you are a student - but the light in this man's eyes as he describes the day he found 36 cans of beer in a dumpster is a telling sign of just how rewarding dumpster diving can be. I mean, who doesn't like free beer?

Of course dumpster diving is not without risks - and anyone tempted to try it should be careful about what they eat, where they dive - and about the technicalities of the law. But until we come up with a more sensible method of avoiding waste in the first place, and disposing of it responsibly, I'm mighty glad that there are intrepid folks out there willing to get their hands dirty for free food, and the occasional holy grail.

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