Dump those Teflon Pans

frypan.jpg Many years ago we made our mom throw out her beloved aluminum pots and pans because of fears about links to Alzheimers disease, and bought her a nice set of teflon coated utensils to replace it. Perhaps this was not a wise move- a University of Toronto chemist has shown that Teflon coated pans release perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a "likely carcinogen" and other chemicals when heated to 360 celsius, admittedly far above normal cooking temperatures, unless you use a solar sizzler. Manufacturer Dupont has been hit with a US$5-Billion lawsuit from people who claim that they were not warned about the dangers of chemicals related to Teflon; Dupont says it its Teflon products are safe and do not contain or release PFOA. We look to our chemistry treehugger John for more technical information on this issue. ::Nature

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