"Duckponics" Feeds Plants, Provides Fresh Water for Healthy Ducks (Video)

duckponics hydroponic gardening photo

Image credit: Ecofilms Australia

Our readers were impressed with the common sense genius of "chicken tunnel man", so I'm wondering whether there will be a similarly positive reaction to the notion of "duckponics". Much like aquaponics—in which fish farming and hydroponic gardening are combined for a mutually beneficial relationship—duckponics feeds plants growing in gravel beds with water from a duck pond, and returns the water cleaned and filtered for the ducks enjoyment.

But does it work?

Created by EcoFilms Australia—the same folks who brought us video of a neat rocket mass water heater and insights into how nature makes soil—this is perhaps the first example of "duckponics" that I have seen.

The system's creator, Aleece Landis, is clear (if somewhat surprised!) about the fact that "duckponics" provides a fairly limited amount of nutrients to her plants. But what it does provide is an efficient system for conserving water and giving ducks a healthy environment to frolic in.

And that's got to be a good thing.

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