Drink Clos LaChance Wine to Save Endangered Hummingbird


This is neither a Honduran Emerald or Clos LaChance, but it is a hummingbird drinking nectar from a wine glass. Image via: HummingbirdsLiberty on Flickr.com

It may not be organic or biodynamic, and it might not be saving the planet, but drinking Clos laChance endangered hummingbird series wine will (help to) save one hummingbird species a year.The first year of the program, 2006, Clos LaChance offered to donate 15% of their sales of a designated Endangered Species wine to the Hummingbird Society. Turns out, that wine sold out that year, and nearly $20,000USD was donated to protect the Juan Fernandez Firecrown, native to Chile. The hummingbird this year that will receive the donated prize money is the Honduran Emerald. Here's to hoping this year's blend is just as tasty.

Clos LaChance Endangered Hummingbird Species Wine Photo
How are hummingbirds threatened? Well, the Honduran Emerald is only found in a small part of the world, in a particularly fragmented part of Honduras. In fact, from 1950 to 1988, the hummingbird was believed to be extinct. The funds donated to the Hummingbird Society will be used to help the Pico Bonito National Park Foundation in Honduras which will purchase contiguous land and help restore hummingbird habitat.

You cannot order the wine from the Hummingbird Society, but you can find it at the Clos LaChance website. This year in particular besides just offering the wine, the Winery is offering the a gift package that includes both a bottle of their 2005 Honduran Emerald Meritage wine and a one year membership to the Hummingbird Society. :Clos LaChance
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