Drink Acai Berries

You have probably heard about acai berries, the new Brazilian superfood, that will improve your sex life and fight cancer. Endorsed by Oprah, it outshines last month's super-fruit of choice, goji berries, with its superior qualities as an antioxidant and a source of fibre and iron. Leaping into the breach to serve the thirsting throngs, three new drinks have been created which contain this magic elixir . Happy Monkey mixes the berries with grape juice to make it more palatable. Since the berry is the most important non-wood forest product, in terms of money, from the river delta of the Amazon, they work with the local people to ensure a sustainable harvest. Innocent mixes their deep purple berries into a detox smoothie, and adds pomegranates and blueberries to make it extra-nutritious. Green & Kerley mix theirs with apple juice and mango. They work with Amazonian local communities to prevent deforestation in the harvest. Drink up. :: Evening Standard