Drammatic® Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Take one part Lake Michigan water, three parts invasive oceanic salmon, 2 parts sport fishers, and one and half parts organic food growers of the world; mix with the company famous for invention of the "#400 Water Breaker hose nozzle" and you get Drammatic® Liquid Fish Fertilizer . Dramatic enough for to be sprayed on roof-top gardens overlooking Broadway.Green Bay Press-Gazette ALGOMA WI USA —" Fish guts have rarely made a community this happy". "In a move promising benefits to anglers, business, government and the environment, Dramm Corp. and the city of Algoma have built a fish-cleaning station at the Algoma Marina. Fish scraps have created disposal problems for the city of 3,500, but now Dramm will process the unwanted parts for use in Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer"".

"The new device begins with a 30-foot conveyor belt, where 20 anglers can clean their fish at once. From that point, the scraps are brought up an elevator to let the water drain off".

At the heart of the project: collect and chill the viscera heads tails and bones, cast aside by Lake Michigan sport fishers, and add the result to scraps collected from commercial fishermen. At the nearby Dramm factory, grind up the resulting mass into a lovely, organic, locally-produced liquid fertilizer. This, however, is where simplicities end. Not all fish fertilizers are made alike, as this iconography nicely explains. Drammatic indeed.

Drammatic® process:


The "other" processes:


We suggest you might want to spend some time with the Dramm company website. It's great fun.

This writer recollects a 100-gallon harvest of Lake Michigan-grown Rainbow Smelt (Osmerus mordax) , followed by a hung-over morning of smelt cleaning; ended with an evening's smelt fry (pronounced "Shmelt Fry") for the masses. Days later, a massive collection of fish waste went to the roots of a long faded backyard grape arbor. At summer's end, to miraculous extent, bushels of too-sweet grapes were made into a wine that lasted until the following year's spring, when the smelt run began anew.