Dr John's Mini Gardens - The 100 Foot Diet?


Can't afford one of those nifty 'futurama' vertical urban farms that Lloyd was waxing lyrical about the other day? No worries, we do have a cheaper option for you and equally well suited to a metropolitan life. Not only is Dr John Vella an Australia professor in Agricultural Science & Research, but it appears he is a dab hand at entrepreneurship as well. His Home Mini Gardens are sold as one way of growing your food as local as possible—in your own back yard, or on your balcony. Buy the stacking trays (starting at $40 AUD for three), add the mineral mix and seedlings, and water from the top. Presto! Almost instant veggie patch. The trays have a special drip feed that allows water to pass through to plants in lower lower trays, so is mostly self-watering. Not a new idea, but it does seem well executed here. We also read that his uniquely grown seedlings, are "produced as organically as possible ..." On offer are lettuces, herbs and tomatoes, as well as capsicum, broccoli, spinach, leek and more. Plus the soft bodied pest oil recommended is certified organic. :: Dr John's Mini Gardens.

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