Downing Street has Its Own Vegetable Garden Too

vegetables downing.street photo

Image from 10 Downing Street

The Queen has one, Michelle Obama has one, and now, thankfully, the Browns have one. It's the latest must-have accessory for official residences: an organic vegetable garden. Apparently at a meeting in May the Environment Minister committed the Prime Minister to starting the garden and now, presto, he's got it.

The Browns aren't really tending it themselves, the Royal Parks Agency is. But they are selling the produce in the Downing Street cafeteria: lettuce is going for £1.98 ($3.25) a head, which isn't cheap but it does have provenance.

kale in downing street garden photo

Image from 10 Downing Street

The Prime Minister's wife, Sarah Brown, is apparently very keen. Earlier this month it was big news that she was Twittering about her excitement at growing strawberries. And their 5 year old son, John, is into growing the berries and tomatoes as well.

Unlike the White House, however, there are no photos available of the garden itself or Mrs. Brown working in it. The closest we've got are some Flickr shots by the staff at Downing Street. : Telegraph


Image from the Telegraph: In the Rose Garden

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