Dow Chemical Challenges Canadian Chemical Ban

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Former Republican Massachusetts governor and Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci tells us that an Obama presidency:
"would present a "danger" to Canada because he could renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, imperiling the future economic integration of the continent."

After losing control of their oil and the softwood lumber debacle, many Canadians might look forward to renegotiating NAFTA. Here is another good reason:

The province of Quebec banned the herbicide 2,4-D after studies linked it to cancer and reproductive problems. Dow Chemical didn't like that, and is using NAFTA to challenge it.

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According to Canadian Press,

"This challenge is aimed at ensuring that important public policy decisions are based on scientific evidence, predictability and a clear set of principles, and are managed within a transparent framework," said Jim Wispinski, President and CEO of Dow AgroSciences.

The actions of the government of Quebec are tantamount to a blanket ban based on non-scientific criteria, and we are of the view that this is in breach to certain provisions of NAFTA. We don't welcome this step, but feel it is necessary given the circumstances."

No doubt the American Chemistry Council and Exxon and other manufacturers of Bispenol A are watching this very closely, as might General Electric and any other manufacturers of incandescent bulbs.

No doubt Canadians will be eager to renegotiate an agreement that apparently takes away their right to protect their health. If economic integration means that Canadians have to let our health be governed by the US Food and Drug Administration, who would want it?

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