Don't Eat High Fructose Corn Syrup? You're Both Snobby and a Racist

Even though Lloyd wrote about the Corn Refiners Association ramping up an ad campaign to push back against the rising tide of realization that perhaps our current corn-centered agricultural system isn’t the best thing for our collective health or the environment, I confess that the whole thing wasn’t on my radar until this week, when New York Magazine’s ever popular and ever amusing Approval Matrix pointed it out to me. The whole thing is truly bizarre.

The second in the series of commercials follows:HFCS in the Park

It’s an End Product on Our Increasingly Unsustainable Food System, To Start...
So why is high fructose corn syrup so nasty anyway? Mothership Meals says it as about good as anyone:

...because it's a crappy industrial product produced through weird enzymic processes, because it gets digested by the liver instead of the stomach, because it is part of our national corn-addiction, because it is so cheap that it is responsible for Big Gulps and the ever-sweetening of things like soup and ketchup, because it is the end product in our increasingly industrialized unsustainable food system and because it is at least in part responsible for the obesity epidemic...

via: New York Magazine and Mothership Meals
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