Documentary Claims A Love of Meat is Killing Us (Video)

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From my musings on what a vegan world would actually look like, to PETA's infographic on what happens when everyone eats vegan, we've seen plenty of speculation about what our future would look like if we abandoned, or severely curtailed, our use of meat, dairy and other animal products. But there's no need to speculate what a heavily meat-dependent world would look like. We live in it, and it is not pretty. A new documentary makes the case that we need to drastically cut back our meat consumption in order to save both ourselves and the ecosystems we rely on. Trailer from on Vimeo.

Based on the research of Professor T Colin Campbell, medical doctor Caldwell Esselstyn, and environmental physicist Gidon Eshell, Planeat does not hide the fact that it is a movie with an agenda. It covers Professor Campbell's research into the negative impacts of meat and milk-heavy diets on westerners; follows up with Dr Esselstyn's claims that a vegan, fresh food diet can combat heart disease; and then backs this up with the by now familiar news—emphasized through Gidon Eshell's work—that the meat and dairy industry, in its present form at least, is one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

As it's launching in the UK on Friday, I have yet to see the movie so cannot speak to the specifics of its arguments. But whether you're an advocate for raw food veganism or a mixed diet based on sustainable, integrated farms, I don't think many TreeHuggers will argue with the idea that our food system is broken, and that fixing it will inevitably mean rethinking our relationship to meat and dairy.

If Damian Carrington's review of Planeat is anything to go by over at The Guardian, the movie makes its case gently, persuasively, and with a good dose of carrot as well as stick. Featuring artisans and food innovators working to reinvent veggie-heavy cooking, Planeat doesn't just tell us what not to eat, but tempts us with what we could be eating instead.

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