Do you know where your favorite foods come from?

mapping the American diet
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This fun infographic maps the ingredients in the U.S.A.'s top 20 foods.

Knowing the source of one’s food has become an obsession in certain circles of society, but usually this question pertains to specific artisanal ingredients or those that fall into the categories of meat, dairy, and produce. Rarely do we inquire into the sources of processed foods, despite these being the most popular foods consumed in the United States. Perhaps it’s because we know they’re not overly healthy to begin with, so sourcing ethically seems pointless; or maybe the ingredient lists are so long that we can’t be bothered considering every component.

But now someone else has done it, and the results are rather intriguing. The following infographic lists the U.S.A.’s top 20 favorite foods and shows on a map where each ingredient comes from. Since ingredients can come from many different places, the creators of the infographic figured out which brands are most prolific and where they’re located, in order to pinpoint a most-likely production location. For example:

“Based on consumer surveys and sales reports, Kraft marshmallows are the most popular, best-selling in the U.S. All of Kraft’s marshmallows are manufactured at a single plant, in Kendalville, Indiana. Therefore, statistically speaking, marshmallows in the American diet are most likely sourced from Indiana.”

Some findings are surprising. Cheeseburgers, reuben sandwiches, and buffalo wings are all-American, without a single foreign-sourced ingredient. Fruit salad, on the other hand, brings fresh fruit all the way from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Chile; and martinis (#20 on the list) have nothing made in the U.S., sadly!

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