Do You Eat Cereal For Breakfast?


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Blythe shows us a slideshow of 10 Healthy, Green Breakfast Cereals to Start the Day Off Right. Breakfast cereals have a fascinating history; they were developed by Sylvester Graham in 1834 to deal with what he thought were the two biggest health threats of the time: constipation and masturbation. He thought the typical American breakfast, which was pretty much like every other meal, excited carnal desires. He wrote:

All kinds of stimulating and heating substances; high-seasoned food; rich dishes; the free use of flesh; and even the excess of aliment; all, more or less -- and some to a very great degree -- increase the concupiscent excitability and sensibility of the genital organs.

So first he invented Granula, later Granola, and then corn flakes (more at Porn Flakes: Kellogg, Graham and the Crusade for Moral Fiber)

Interestingly, he sold corn flakes at ten times the value of the ingredients; some of the cereals that Blythe shows in her slideshow probably cost a hundred times their value. But they are all cereals, descendents of Kellogg's Grunola and corn flakes, designed to depress our libidos. In most of Europe and Asia, they start the day differently.