DIY: Root Cellar


Eating local produce is a good way to reduce your share of green house gas and has the added benefit of supporting local farmers, not to mention locally produced foods tend to be fresher and taste better. If you happen to grow your own or know someone who does, then being able to store your produce to use over a longer period makes a lot of sense and enables you to eat locally for longer. Storing apples and potatoes over the winter may sound impractical if you live in the city, but SuperNaturale has some tricks and tips for the urban dwellers - and for those small suburban back yards try the DIY garbage can root cellar pictured above.

A well-insulated root cellar can keep the food inside 40 degrees cooler than the summertime temperatures outside. This coolness also has benefits during the winter, as maintaining food at a temperature just slightly above freezing has the effect of slowing deterioration and rot.

::via SuperNaturale
::more info on root cellars ::image of garbage can root cellar