Dive! the Film: Living Off America's Trash

You know you've thought about it. Whether you've actually done it or would admit to your friends that the food they are dining on was pulled from a dumpster is another matter. Either way, that scavenger-hunt for adults, known as dumpster diving, does have a slight appeal to it. Who knows what you'll find? Who knows if you'll get caught! All of that free stuff just waiting for you to find it a new home. But did you know that there are actually rules and etiquette to dumpster diving? Apparently this underground society has a hierarchy and before you jump into any random dumpster, read on to make sure you too are in the know.

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Dive! Living Off America's Trash, the new film by Jeremy Seifert looks at the hidden world of dumpster diving. (Though can we really call it hidden these days? Even Oprah has had shows on dumpster diving). Seifert and his friends take this journey down into dumpsters both to expose the enormous volume of perfectly good food going to waste, as well as to question why this is the case? If there are people who are starving, why is the food thrown away rather than given to someone who can use it? Is it just cheaper for grocery stores to trash near-expiring food rather than go to the hassle of figuring out a solution? Why are people arrested and in trouble simply for making sure that unused resources don't go to waste?

"If 850 million people go hungry every day, why are our trash cans filled with food," asks Dive!. If you want to get involved, both by dumpster diving and/or to organize a food donation program with your local grocery store, you can find out more on Dive's website.

Dive! is a First Place winner at the Gig Harbor Film Festival and was an Official Selection of the Mammoth Film Festival. You can find out more about Dive! on their website DivetheFilm.com.

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